• Tell Me A Picture

    If you've been on that Facebook recently you might have spotted that folk are taking a break from moaning about work, giving constant weather updates and posting pictures of their dinner to give this a go;

    I like this idea but it wanted to change it a bit.  Here's the version I want to play:

    Tell Me A Picture.

    Once a month for the next year I'll be sending a drawing (a proper one, not just a quick scribbly doodle) to someone through the post.  Thing is, you need to tell me what to draw.

    It can be anything.  You can tell me a whole story or just a few words.  You can explain your reasons or keep perfectly schtum about the whole thing and leave us all guessing.  I'll pop the picture and the story or explanation or words you gave me on here after I send it to you.


    Email me at nicpiper@gmail.com with the subject 'DRAW THIS! NOW!!' if you want to get involved.  Include your name and adress, what you'd like me to draw for you.

    I'll pop your names into a random name picker HERE and away we go.  I wont tell you that it's 'your month' either so it's a nice surprise when it does flump through your letter box into the mouth of your soppy dog.

    If 6 of you want to play then we'll do six, if none of you want to play then we'll do none and just sit here twiddling our thumbs and spitting tobacco onto the fire.

    Oh, by the way, there's no age limit so if you want to get your small kids to submit some words or a story then go ahead.  Brilliant.  Even if you want a whimsical picture for your tiny child.  Whatever you want.  

    Join in, you've got nothing to lose.